Figma Templates

Figma is a vector-based tool that lives in the cloud, allowing users to work anywhere from a browser. It’s a zippy tool that is made for design, prototyping, collaboration, and organizational design systems.

In this feature, we’ll be teaching you all about Figma, how to get started using it, and where to find the best Figma templates and plugins to get started fast. Whether you’re wanting to use Figma for wireframing, mobile user interface designs, app designs, website designs, or anything else, we’ve got you covered!

What is Figma?

figma templates

Figma is a design and prototyping tool. It’s browser-based and works anywhere you have an Internet connection.

It uses vector shapes for drawing and elements so everything renders beautifully. What’s especially nice about Figma is that it is designed for team and collaboration. You can do everything from prototyping to testing to product launch using it.

A lot of designers equate Figma with an online whiteboard because you can use it to ideate and prototype together in real-time. You can learn everything you need to know about the basics of Figma here.

What Does Figma Cost?

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Figma is free for small projects and has paid plan for higher volume users and teams.

  • Starter (free): Up to two editors and three projects with 30-day version history, and unlimited cloud storage
  • Professional ($15 per editor per month): Includes unlimited projects, unlimited versions, custom file and user permissions, invite-only private projects, and shareable team libraries
  • Organization ($45 per editor per month): Includes everything in professional plus organization-wide design systems, centralized teams, private plugins, plugin administration, shared fonts, single sign-on, and advanced security

Figma Competitors

While Figma has been around for a little while and is an exceptionally popular tool, it’s not for everyone. Here are some of the most popular Figma alternatives:

The best solution hinges on how you plan to use the tool: prototyping, mockups, production design, or combinations of those elements. Another consideration is if you want a browser-based tool or not.

What Are Figma Templates?

figma templates

Figma templates are quick-start packages of user interface elements, tools, and design pieces to jumpstart digital design projects using the software. The Figma user community is pretty robust and always adding elements and tools that users can share.

A good template has everything you need to start a project – and finish it – while all you have to do it work through branding and content customizations to bring it to life. Templates can be as small as UI kits with components or include everything you need to complete a website or app design project.

Designers tend to use templates in plenty of different ways; the commonality is that templates can speed up projects and make them quick to get started and launch.

5 Figma Templates to Get Started With

It’s hard to beat a good Figma template. These quick-start tools can facilitate project development and even help you learn best practices for using the tool because you can see how others use it well Here are a few excellent Figma templates to help you get started.

Doux Multipurpose Web UI Kit Template

figma templates

Doux is a user interface template for Figma that packed with different types of components and blocks to build a site or app design. It’s Bootstrap-based and easy to customize with your content.

Multipurpose Dashboard

figma templates

This Figma template for a multipurpose dashboard is stylish and includes a ton of components for customization. You can scale the elements to meet any need you might have.

Branding Identity

figma templates

This Figma template is for creating a branding identity. (You can create more than websites with the tool.) It’s a clean template with plenty of elements that you can use and print including business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and more.

Done UI E-Commerce Template

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The Done Figma template has everything you need to jumpstart an e-commerce app project. The design is sleek and modern and is easy to customize. It includes both components and screen elements.


figma templates

Persilia is a portfolio website template for Figma. It has a clean design that’s fully customizable. Just add your content and you are ready to get online.