Brochure Templates

Learn how to design your own brochure templates, or browse collections of the best brochure templates to get started fast on your next brochure project!

Whether you’re working on a large glossy A4 brochure, an A5 flyer-style brochure, or the classic “tri-fold” brochure, there are lots of things to consider. A brochure template is a starter guide to help you jumpstart a design project, and give you a quick starting point to begin your own design.

What Are Brochure Templates?

brochure templates

Brochure templates can come in almost any size – including standard trifold designs, simple booklets, card-style or single page elements. A solid template is that it creates a guideline for the design.

A design template will likely have a visual theme – colors, fonts and even icons or imagery – and allow for customization. Most designers download a brochure template that matches the size and project type – such as a standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch trifold – for a certain type of software. (Many brochure templates are downloadable Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word files.)

One of the key benefits of starting with a brochure template is that you can quickly create a design that you like with a minimal budget. With a template, you should be able to insert your copy and images, substitute a color palette if you like and have a brochure that’s ready for the printer in one sitting.

How to Import a Brochure Template Into Word

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Installing a brochure template in Microsoft Word might actually be easier than finding a design you like. (There are so many templates out there to choose from.)

Once you have downloaded the brochure template file, make sure to unzip it.

To import the brochure template into Word follow these steps:

  • From the menu in Word, select File, then Options, then Add-ins.
  • Click Manage and select Word Add-Ins and click Go.
  • Click on the Templates tab and then select the checkbox next to the name of the template you want to use under Global Templates and Add-ins. (You will have to navigate to the place where you saved the brochure template, such as your desktop.

Here’s the trick to Microsoft Word templates, they only apply to the session while it is open. If you quite the program and want to start a new document with the same template, it must be loaded again.

If you want a brochure template to be universally available whenever you open Word, there are additional steps:

  • Put the brochure template in the Startup folder.
  • Find it by clicking File, then Options, then Advanced in Microsoft Word. Scroll to General and then File Locations. You should see a location for Startup. This is where the template should go.

3 Things to Look for In a Brochure Template

brochure templates

Not all brochure templates are created equal. Look for a template that features a professional design. (A template should be of the same design standard as if you were creating it from scratch yourself.) What else should a brochure template include?

  • Look for high-quality, high-resolution everything to ensure that your brochure design looks great. That includes images, illustrations, icons and logos, typefaces and sharp color palettes.
  • Add a bleed so that images that go off the canvas print well. And make sure your brochure template is sized to your print needs.
  • Consider software compatibility. Some templates only come in one file format. Most designs prefer the control of a brochure template in InDesign, while beginners often like Word options.

Looking for a quick brochure template to get started fast? Here are our top picks for Word, or InDesign:

3 Brochure Templates for Word

Creative Project Proposal

Whether you’re working on a proposal for a web design project or a new promotional budget proposal, this stylish and creative brochure template will help you get the job done like a professional. It includes a 40-page design in both A4 and US letter sizes. You can also customize and change its colors with just one-click.

Business Brochure for MS Word

This is a professionally designed brochure template for corporate and small to medium size businesses. The template features 20 pages with various page designs, which can be used to craft brochures for various purposes, including business flyers and product showcases. The template is available in both Word and InDesign versions.

Professional Business Brochure Template

This creative brochure template is perfect for designing a brochure to promote your services or products. It’s available in MS Word and InDesign formats and features 26 gorgeous pages crafted with a professional design.

3 Brochure Templates for InDesign

Corporate Trifold Brochure

This tri-fold brochure template features a clean and a professional design that’s perfect for presenting a brand or a business related to advertising or marketing. The template is available in US letter size and it can be easily customized using InDesign CS4 or better.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign

Minimal Trifold Brochures

With a clean black and white design, this minimal tri-fold template allows you to showcase your products and business in a modern way. It comes in both A4 and US Letter sizes. If you don’t like the B&W design, you can easily change its colors as well.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign

MALINA Trifold Brochure + Pattern

Malina is a modern brochure template that comes with a design for highlighting businesses, products, and services with large images. It’s best for promoting fashion, clothing, food, and other product-related brands and businesses. This template comes with 20 seamless patterns as a bonus for customizing the design of the template.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator